Cleaning of the desks

Looks as if school is almost over. The desks are being cleaned, exams being prepared for, and Vv is ever-incresing in keyboard distraction.  Luckily for us seniors that have kept up good grades, we will not be having final exams.

That’s right, seniors with an A average will be exempt from exams. We will have a whole week off, to do nothing but prepare for college and sleep. It is per clas though, so if your not doing well in one class, you will have to take the class or classes exam/s.

Well I can’t think straight right now, must be that end of the year fever. I think I will find somthing to look at on the internet, write my senior will, or work on that final paper we have due in bible. Have fun reading peoples blogs, this is hopefully my last post on this blog (though I may revive it later in life for an un-apparent reason).  Adios, amigos….

I visted the 1000000$ hompage!

That thing is crazy. Brilliant idea by a guy to make 1million dollars. Sell a million pixels at 1$ a pixel. I’m suprised more people don’t try it. If your interested google “million dollar page” or… Click this link


Waiting for bingo to start….

I am currently sitting in computer class, waiting for HTML BINGO to start. I got here a little late, but managed to set up my bingo board. I got here late because of pizza pickup. The normal workers set for picking up pizza are on a field trip, leaving me with the job. I managed to grab some bread sticks while attaining the pizza order, they were good. All in all, I’m tired, lotta sports lately. Baseball game tomorrow, 1 o clock. Should be fun, hope we win, doubtful, but hopeful at the same time.

Still waiting for bingo to start, will hopefully start soon. Seems people are having trouble setting up their board. VV set hers up perfectly, she is doing really well with html. Maybe I can convert her to a computer nerd, maybe not, we shall see…

my first plan is to introduce her to video games, get her hooked, then move her onto computer games, then online computer games, then the world BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH… Maybe not…

Tetris has been put back, I am working on a game using the byond enviroment. Good progress so far, got stuck on a file imput output issue today, hoping I can solve that when I get home. Anyways, bored of typing, I shall see ya’ll soon.

Welcome back Mr AND Mrs Quist

Welcome back and CONGRATULATIONS Mr. AND Mrs. Quist. I hope you enjoyed your wedding. And hope y’all have a good life together, serving God as he leads you.

While you were gone we were stuck here, typing, and writing html code. It wasn’t all  bad, we did enjoy the table assignment. People sitting there trying to figure out what cell spacing was for. But, finally you have returned, and we can get back to our regular pace!

I am Legend — Viewing

I watched I am legend last night. It wasen’t all that dissapointing as everyone said it would be. Prehaps it was because I was told that it would be dissapointing, so I came expecting disapointment yet found a good movie. I knew it wasen’t going to be scary, it wasn’t ment to be. I myself rather enjoyed the movie. It had a good amount of humor, an O.K. amount of action (could of had more), and a good twist. (I saw it coming but it was still well implemented). What people miss is the story, it is good character and story devolpment. The dream sqencues are placed at the right moments, and give a good pacing for the story. Overall, I really liked the movie, and if you enjoy good storys with some comedy and a little action, check it out.

Also, if you didn’t like the ending, check around on you tube for alternate endings… There is a good one…

Tetris clone.

I intend to create a tetris clone. It will be a one week prodject, as I have not finished my previously stated prodjects, this one will probably fail to be completed also. But I do intend to learn while making the game. I haven’t made a game from scratch in three years, normally I use a game making program to save me some time. But this time, I’ll be using C++ and prehaps a cross platform library to make a tetris clone… Why? cause I want to.

If I actully find time, and get this completed, I will be making a blastoff blaster wall, whatever the game wheer you have a paddle and try and break the bricks in the sky with a ping pong ball.

Whelp, off to stare at others screens~

The end is near… For class

Five minutes left for class. The quiz went well, I finished with flying colors (inside pun). Some of the others had trouble interpreting the directions. Such as that they were supposed to go up two directories instead of one. But I think they figured it out.

Can’t wait to get outta here. Not that I don’t enjoy it occianally. But it’s the end of the week, and I want to go home! So, fairwell, Adios, see ya next week.

btw, Congratz Mr & Mrs Quist (tomorrow)

Friday Hurray!

It’s friday, and I’m glad. Sooo Ready for the weekend. Been a long week, starting with that taylor inerview. Planning on getting some good rest in this weekend, while working on that matrix paper… Maybe I will do some programming, who knows? Whelp, adios…

Pajama Day!

Today is pajama day for all the girls. Why? because all the girls are in home ect..  Thus our class is almost completely empty. It is I, ryan, JT, zach, and niki. Niki is the only girl in our class that isn’t taking home ect.

I feel lonely. No one to sabatoge my typing to day… Oh wells, just thought I’d let y’all know!

This weeks Verse

I enjoyed this weeks vs. It was romans 8:31-39. A long verse, and we didn’t have much time to memorize it this month, but I did it. It was an enjoyable verse, and I recommend anyone interested in the bible to check it out!

Have fun, happy studying/reading