An early disaster

Morning – Some where around 7:50-

I woke up this morning, an average morning. I grabbed my clothing, fixed my hair, did the necessaries. Checked the clock, “Hmmm, I’m early, things seem to be going well today.”. I then checked around the house, my little brother was looking through random ties, my sister all ready and heading out to the veichal. Today was going to be a good day; I felt energized, and we were going to get to school early. Off we went, in the car, happy as can be…

I slowly backed out of our house’s drive way, looking carfully for any sign of a car that would try its best to destroy my life and the lifes of my younger sibblings.


Just kidding, I backed out safely. No mail box clippings, no strange cars stuck into my rear bumper. I was happy, thinking about getting to school and starting my day, so that I could quickly end it and get back home!

 Spencer is in the front passenger seat. He is such a strange boy, always doing weird things with his clothing, and makeing strange faces and comments to me. Today he was quiet, maybe an inner knowing of the terrible events about to occur in our plain, simple, little lifes. He poped in a music Cd, no idea what it was, as the horrible occurence was just moments away…

I looked at him and gave my horrible glare, and then continued driving down around the curve on hilltop lane. Just then I notice this white station wagon, half way in my lane, half way in his. I swerved, almost annihilating an innocent mail box by the wayside. I couldn’t go any further over, there was a light hill side; To hit it meant sudden death. (Not really, but kinda yeah sure). So I prepared for impact, Wham, SCRATCH zIP bAm boom. He nailed us in the side, like an Alaskan fisherman spearing the poor mackerel. I quickly checked to make sure every one was ok… They were, and so I opened my door and peer back at my poor car to assess the damaged incurred…

 The damage was quite horrible, the whole side of my car was smashed in… My poor car… poor poor car. And this wasen’t the worst of the occurence. The crazy old man that decided he wanted to hit us in the side for no apparent reason steps out of his car, with the coookyist smile I’ve ever seen and murmers “Oppps, my bad, I coulden’t see ya in the sun”… Crazy old man, you crazy old man! Oh, yeah he took the blame, that was nice; What wasen’t nice was when he bummed his way into his house, and took out his trash, as happy as could be.

Well, after the occurence with the crazy old man, my dad showed up and drove me to school, where I had a pretty average day. If you can call a day in the life of Ben average.


2 Responses to “An early disaster”

  1. vickyco Says:

    Im glad your ok Ben=)!!!

  2. benanite Says:

    me too, me too…

    :/ 😀

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