Chapel Twist

Chapel was good.

Yeah, pretty much. Chapel was quite good today, our worship chapel turned from worship to testimony/witness chapel. What do I mean? I mean that we started off with a good worship chapel as one would assume a worship chapel would do. We prayed, we sang, we prayed again, and then it happened.

Mr. Miller came to the front, and asked if anyone would like to give a testimony. Good stuff, it started out as most usual 15 minutes of testimony do; a few peeps got up, and began speaking about themselves, and how they needed God’s help and our prayer. I’m all fine with that, just saying, that’s the way most testimony chapels begin.

Next it started to change a little, Amy got up and said how she was sorry for not being as good as a witness as she could have been, I’ve seen this before in other chapels from a variety of people, but this time it was different. She went on to say how she wished the school would try harder as a group to better serve God. This set off a spark and a half.

The testimony’s continued as usual, but there were a few interspersed mony’ies that said they think the school should try harder. Then BAM, a girl named Brianne got up, and said what many of us were thinking. Stop being fake, stop putting on a show, if you wanna change something, you have to do it yourself, stop telling other people to do it. It was a very emotion-full speech/testimony. I did rather enjoy it, as I had been pondering a way to say it, I guess she just said it with the right amount of girlyness in it so that people would accept rather then find offense.

After Brianne’s statements, chapel changed a lot, people discussed/testified as to how they too had witnessed the school not living up to what it could be. And the chapel went on with it’s acknowledgement of this. We ended the chapel with the WHOLE high-school circling the gym and holding hands for prayer, all in all, this was a wonderfull  chapel. I shall observe, and see if it has any affect outside of the safety of the gym.

All this being said, the general theme of the chapel was how we should change, but I also wanted to mention a particularly touching testimony from a little girl named “Dakota”, recently she has been through a lot. While there are plenty of people that get up and say this, and I sure they are. This little girl has been. Now normally I don’t pay much mind to testimony’s like these, but maybe it’s because I made friends with this little girl last year while teacher assisting one of her English classes, or maybe it’s just because it touched me personally. Either way, this little girl testified in-front of the entire high-school, barley able to speak through her tears, in such a touching way, that I’m sure God used her, and the holy spirit must have spoken to others, as much as it did me.

The lord can use horrible events such as death to work his wonders. And he was definitely working in this chapel.

Fast Food

Today, in, comp class…. We checked nutrition facts for various fast food resturants. Then Made an excel sheet to help us calculate various facts… My one and only comment on the issue….

America, you are doomed 🙂

Rain rain, go away

Bleh, it’s raining bad…

And thus, soccer practice will be moved indoors for the day; and moved back to 5:30,to avoid interfering with the ladys volley ball practice… No problem, sept I have my little sisters to watch for the week. Either I have to find some one to watch them, or make them stick around all night watching our soccer practice.

If that was the only problem, I had plans with my sisters to watch a movie after practice today. It’s a pg-13 movie, it’s not bad at all, and thus it dosen’t play any later then 6:30, meaning even if I did manage to get out of practice by 6:30, I woulden’t have had a shower, and would have to sit miserable in the movie theatre all stinnky 😦

 Bad day, practice may have to wait today.


Do not think about going home all day; this only makes the day last longer!


Riddles are stupid, expecially done for a contest!


Yes, the irish noodle… Just kidding, I don’t know where its orgins lie; for all I know, it is from italy. Anyways, we are having a big heaping of the noodles today, the home ect class is doing a fund rasier for the school, by selling spagehtti for hot lunch. It’s a good plan, as most of the students in my classes were out today, we did pretty much nothing. Good deal indeed.

Can’t wait to see how the noodles taste, may be good, may be bad. In the end, it dosen’t matter, I got my lack of mental work payment ma-gig thingymabob stuff, yeah, huh, what?
Good lazy day of doing nothing in any classes! (Sept computer, which I’m doing now)


Ahhh, sweet relaxation…

I have finnally completed my test, it was a grusome task, but it is fin.

It all started out with a grusome word document that we had to copy. Fine, I can do that… But the fonts and table styles were a pain, they refused to yeild, took me forever to get the thing the way it was supposed to look, because of the “font yeild failure”. All in all, I completed the word document, now onto the next part.

The next part was the excel document, it required us to do a few things we haden’t learned in the book, but they were easily figured out. The excel document was probably the more fun part of the test, other then the current part I am working on right now, bloggin.

The last part was to complete two posts for this week, while my first post consisted of me telling every one I was working on the test, I did fail to mention how much I loathed it at the curret time of writing. But now, the test is over, and I have that sactisfactory feeling one gets when completeing something that they didn’t want to do, but was required.

 Good day so far, enjoying the atmosphere, the doctors appointment, and the finishing of a test. Ben says this is a good day thus far, so, if your not having such a great day, then…. Cheer up, or something!

Fare well for now my followers/readers/peeps/stalkers/ect,


Working on a test…

I am currently working on a test in computer. Tis a real drag, lack of me is from the extortionate amount of time I have to pour into the test!

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Oz Zone

In the Zone, Comp Class

Today, while working upon my typing test, I found myself in the zone. In the zone you ask? Yes, in the zone. I was typing the words onto the page, without even thinking about it. Infact I was thinking about some actions that had happend the previous night. Sorry I can’t say what it was I was thinking of, but the point is, I wasen’t thinking about the test at all. I was in the zone, spewing out words as fast as ever, without even thinking about it. Was quite fun, so, while at school, get in the zone.

What I’m working on

I am currently working on a page of all my classmates blogs, so that you can get a taste of what I have to deal with daily at school. Till later.

The one and only,