Ahhh, sweet relaxation…

I have finnally completed my test, it was a grusome task, but it is fin.

It all started out with a grusome word document that we had to copy. Fine, I can do that… But the fonts and table styles were a pain, they refused to yeild, took me forever to get the thing the way it was supposed to look, because of the “font yeild failure”. All in all, I completed the word document, now onto the next part.

The next part was the excel document, it required us to do a few things we haden’t learned in the book, but they were easily figured out. The excel document was probably the more fun part of the test, other then the current part I am working on right now, bloggin.

The last part was to complete two posts for this week, while my first post consisted of me telling every one I was working on the test, I did fail to mention how much I loathed it at the curret time of writing. But now, the test is over, and I have that sactisfactory feeling one gets when completeing something that they didn’t want to do, but was required.

 Good day so far, enjoying the atmosphere, the doctors appointment, and the finishing of a test. Ben says this is a good day thus far, so, if your not having such a great day, then…. Cheer up, or something!

Fare well for now my followers/readers/peeps/stalkers/ect,



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