Rain rain, go away

Bleh, it’s raining bad…

And thus, soccer practice will be moved indoors for the day; and moved back to 5:30,to avoid interfering with the ladys volley ball practice… No problem, sept I have my little sisters to watch for the week. Either I have to find some one to watch them, or make them stick around all night watching our soccer practice.

If that was the only problem, I had plans with my sisters to watch a movie after practice today. It’s a pg-13 movie, it’s not bad at all, and thus it dosen’t play any later then 6:30, meaning even if I did manage to get out of practice by 6:30, I woulden’t have had a shower, and would have to sit miserable in the movie theatre all stinnky 😦

 Bad day, practice may have to wait today.


2 Responses to “Rain rain, go away”

  1. mickey89 Says:

    All very interesting!

    ps- you spelled “ladys” wrong….(ladies)

  2. benanite Says:

    on another note…

    If you noticed I misspells things for several reasons,
    1. Creativity
    2. Laziness

    You happened to catch me on my lazy day, well done. Thanks for the grammar/spelling correction anyways 🙂

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