Try Stumble Upon. It’s awesome surfing fun.

Got an itch for a page on tech? Need to paint a picasso, but have no idea where to start on photoshop? Want a good comic, but don’t feel like searching? Want a random clip? Stumble upon is for you!

I recently decided to try out this fire-fox plugin. I’m not a big fan of application plugin’s for firefox… but this one rox! What you do is download and install it, create a personalized acccount, and start stumbling the internet. You get to pick what kind of things your interested in, and how you would like them served. Then when you stumble, the program takes you to a random page, based on its popularity and your personal taste.

But wait, don’t like the page? That’s ok, there is a simple thumbs up, thumbs down rating system that allows you to rate the page, keeping it from coming to your computer randomly for a long time to come. Or you can rate it up, meaning you may see it more often, or other people with your same taste can have a taste of the page!

Overall it’s a great program, y’all should try it out!

 I was gonna write an indepth review, and what it does, but why? When there’s wiki at your fingertips!

Mr. M quote on big words!

Don’t sigh at big words, learn them!

-Mr. Miller

Class discussion: Abortion for the Good of the planet!

Today, in bible class…

Today was a very interesting bible class, Mr. M had another of his “article of anger”, his “stupidity report”,his “brightening of the Enlightening”, his current event…

For a little background, Mr. M occasionally comes to class with an article from the web that has caught his attention for some particular reason. Weather it be a biblical truth, and outstanding example of human stupidity, or a perfect picture of why people do what they do based on their world view.

Anyways, he brought in his article. An article to the topic of “Women is proud to protect her planet with abortion”; I’m sure that wasen’t the exact title, but that was the gist of it. In the article, the women claims how much joy she got from aborting her baby, and getting herself sterilized to prevent further childern. She claimed that by her and her husband not reproducing, they were cutting down on their “Carbon Footprint”. She also stated “Having childern is selfish, to only further one’s own genes is selfish and inconsiderate”. She means that one should consider the reprocusions of the carbon footprints left by producing more childern, at least thats how it appears.

But when one goes on in the article, she states how wonderfull it is for her and her husband not having childern. How they go on hikes, walks on the beach, and their yearly vacation over-seas… Wait, isnt riding an airplane very fuel consuming? Well she covers this by saying that because she dosen’t have childern, it makes up for the carbon footprint they leave by riding the planes every year…

Seems a little selfish to me.

 But that ain’t all, think about it. Why do people save the planet? For future generations of course. Why else would one save the planet. But cutting off the next generation, isn’t she infact defeating the purpose of protecting the planet. Isn’t she infact, if truly protecting the planet, protecting it for her own selfish self, so that she can enjoy it, and no childern of hers can? Just an observation on a hypocritical note, from a Mr. M article…

If I could change one thing about Thanksgiving

If I could change one thing about thanksgiving with my family… It would be the dinning quarters. We have a rather large family, and when gathering with grandparents and cousins and other such stuff, we tend to eat in our house, or our grandparents house. It was great back in Indiana, in our large almost mansion house, with the long dinning room. But here in Virginia, we are in a small town house, so we, my immediate family were the only one present this year, gathered around a small little table, loaded with food, elbows bumping and tried to dine. We eventually succeeded, but it was quite a task!

I really enjoyed this year’s thanksgiving. And I really needn’t any changes. I missed my family and friends back in Indiana; yet, it was really nice to have a peaceful, non-stressed, thanksgiving! Can’t wait till next year, more turkey, more pudding, more cheese cake… Hurray…

Remember to be thankful for what you have, and you shouldn’t need any more.

I just don’t have time to do that

This is a little info about the assignment we had to do, totaling up our weekly schedules!


  • Describe the study and assignment
    In this study, we, the class, recorded our weekly scheduales into an excel document. We did this inorder to get a handle on how much time we have, and what we use it for. Good stuff.
  • §  What are the top three activities that take up the most hours in your weekly schedule?
    The top of the three activites is obviously sleep. This was followed by driving, yes I drive A LOT. And after that came school. Obviously I don’t spend a lot of time doing things one would assume.
  • §  Were you surprised at the information you collected? Why or Why Not?
    I wasen’t really surprised. Work and Basketball are really physcially draining, therefore causing me to sleep, A lot. Or some would say. But the sleep is really good for me, it keeps me running good, I don’t sloth around, I just make sure to get appropriate amounts of sleep. Followed by that, I do a ton of driving. Drive to school, drive home, drive to bball, drive home, drive to friends houses, drive home, drive to store, drive home… Lota driving. And then I only goto school for 3-4 hours 5 days a week, but that’s enough to take up a large amount of my time.
  • §  How will this information and study have an impact on your life?
    Once again, probably not much. But I will try and scheduale in a little more free time. I am working/schooling/bballin myself to death. Then again, I really enjoy bball, so maybe not. 

Fast Food Is Not So Fun

The Questions

  • Describe the study and assignment
    I Enjoyed the assignment, I found the study rather enlightening. We collected the nutritional facts for our average meals from several different restaurants. The meals had to be as close the same at each corresponding restaurant as possible. We then put the collected information into an organized spreadsheet, which compared the non-fat calories to the fat calories. Very informational information.
  • Select one of your meals and summarize the data in complete sentences
    The McDonald’s meal was actually one of the more healthy of the three restaurants we did. The total calories contained in the meal, comprised of a Big Mac, Large Coke, and a Large Fri total’d up to 1420 calories. The Big mac is a whopping 540 calories. The Large coke is 310 calories. And the Fris were all the way up at 570 calories.
  • Were you surprised at the information you collected? Why or Why Not?
    Not really. I knew that fast food was very bad for you, this only gave me precise figures. Though I do appreciate knowing this information accurately.
  • How will this information and study have an impact on your life?
    I will now know how bad the food is that I’m eating. Though like the average American, I will continue to eat it as if I had never heard the facts. I knew it was bad for me before, now I just know how bad it is for me. Still gonna eat it.

Volley Ball Vengence!


This weeks chapel was good, average, as usual. I liked the speaker, it was Mr. Mo, he did a chalk drawing presentation, and explained how what we do now is pointless without God.

But after that is when the real fun started, it all began with Mr. R asking Davey and I to unassemble the lone volley bally net in the middle of the basketball court so that we could properly play the game of bball after school. No problem, Davey and I are excellent demolition men. This job would be a sinch (No, I didn’t get that from that stupid show “Kim Possible” I said that long before she and her horrid show came along)!

Well the whole unassembling part went well, a few minor problems with the net taking down thingy stuff we did. But the real trouble came when we went to put it in the cr4zy bojangalin volley ball part holding thing. Some one had decided to do Davey and I a big favor by taking the volley poles off the bottom rungs of the holder. Normally this wouldn’t of been an issue, but considering some one had JAMMed the volley ball thing in the dark damp public ball closet of death. Ok it’s not that bad, but it was the dark damp public ball closet, and they had Jammed it in with a ghetto ball holding rack that was falling to 20 pieces, covered with some compilation of boxes containing who knows what kinds of public sports equipment. Long story short, Davey had to do an innovatory invasorary mission. Davey had to enter the closet, UNJAM the volley rack, grab the far end of the volley poll, and place it on its rack. All this without dieing of somthing. What he might of died of “I do not no” but it coulda been somthing bad!

Anyways, Davey got out clean, we got the job done. But all I’m saying is, please, whomever did it, DON’T. “Don’t what” you may ask? Don’t Jam things in that evil devious closet!

This weekend God showed me­­­­­­…

This weekend God showed me­­­­­­…

How many good friends he has blessed me with over the years. I recently moved here to Virginia and left behind my several of my “best friends”. Many wonder how one could have several best friends, I will cover this shortly. But I got onto this topic because over the weekend I found myself truly bored, therefore I got on face book and myspace, things I rarely ever check any more (1ce or twice ever 1 ta 2 months). I found that my best friends were still keeping contact with me, and so I messaged them back, and we chatted for a while on AIM. This chatting with them really cheered me up, it reminded me of the good times I’ve had in life, and how much God has blessed me over the years.

As for the type of friends I have, some would say that I have good friends, because I choose good friends. This is true to some degree, but I do this because my father has taught-en me the type of people I should associate with. And who decided whom my father should be? God! Thank the Lord again, yet another blessing!

And for the several best friends; I am the type that dosen’t have 100 different friends. I have 2-4 BEST friends, and every one else is just an acquaintance . Yea, I guess you could say I have a lot of good acquaintances, but this is only because I try to have a godly additude to every one I meet.

God has showed me how wonderfull it is to have a friend!

Good comp lesson

This week Mr.Quist has given us the job of making a spread sheet with charts. It has proved challenging for many, and just as educational for every one. Well done Mr. Quist!

School is boring

I am bored… I find school boring. A lot of people claim this, but yet they find things to fill their time with. They only claim to be bored so as to fit the flow. As for me, I am truly bored, I want to sleep constantly. I sit and ponder why I am at school, and why I feel as if my time is being wasted 😦 I can’t wait for college, yet at the same time, I fear that college will bore me aswell.

A challenge is one thing, but the majority of class work, no classes in particular, just all classes in general, are time fillers. They don’t help us learn, they just fill our time, and the teachers grade books… What a waste~