Worldview Conference

Yester day we had a world view conference here at CHA. It was good, though I thought it more of a dumbed down bible 12 “Understanding the Times” cram session then a self-benificial activity for myself. What I mean by this is, the 12th grade class has already had all of this information. Our whole class is based on it. Over all it was a great conference, lots of insightfull information, but the info was targeted more at the lower grades rather then at the 12th grade level that I am currently on.

 As for the questions…

o   Define the term worldview:

A way in which one views or intereperates all of reality.

o   What is so important about people’s worldview?

It defines who a person is, their identiy.

o   Did you ever realize the worldviews that were being presented to you other than a Biblical worldview?


o   In the last month, identify one or more worldviews, other than a Biblical Worldview) that have been presented to you without your awareness and describe how they were presented to you.

 Buddaism, and the whole cosmic movement was displayed in a yellow book comercial I viewed recently. The commercial shows a man meditating over a yellow book, much in like the way one involved in the cosmic movement would, and he then says all of the answers are in the book.

o   Describe something you learned about a Biblical worldview that you didn’t know before.

 As stated before, this was more of a dumbed down cram session to me, I found myself personally bored. Though I’m sure, insightfull to some, I really didn’t learn anything new.

EDIT: On another note, my teacher just commented on the lyrics of some songs. I have previously thought over the songs lyrics that were presented in the presentation. I don’t think I learned from the side they were tryign to present, of how the songs were not from a christian point of veiw, I already understood this, but I guess one could say they “learned this”.

o   How has the presentation of worldviews changed your perspective or thoughts on your life as a believer/non-believer?

The presentation itself was mundane review to me, but the idea and knowledge of worldviews in general have been very benifactual to my methods of witnessing.


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