This weekend God showed me­­­­­­…

This weekend God showed me­­­­­­…

How many good friends he has blessed me with over the years. I recently moved here to Virginia and left behind my several of my “best friends”. Many wonder how one could have several best friends, I will cover this shortly. But I got onto this topic because over the weekend I found myself truly bored, therefore I got on face book and myspace, things I rarely ever check any more (1ce or twice ever 1 ta 2 months). I found that my best friends were still keeping contact with me, and so I messaged them back, and we chatted for a while on AIM. This chatting with them really cheered me up, it reminded me of the good times I’ve had in life, and how much God has blessed me over the years.

As for the type of friends I have, some would say that I have good friends, because I choose good friends. This is true to some degree, but I do this because my father has taught-en me the type of people I should associate with. And who decided whom my father should be? God! Thank the Lord again, yet another blessing!

And for the several best friends; I am the type that dosen’t have 100 different friends. I have 2-4 BEST friends, and every one else is just an acquaintance . Yea, I guess you could say I have a lot of good acquaintances, but this is only because I try to have a godly additude to every one I meet.

God has showed me how wonderfull it is to have a friend!


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