Volley Ball Vengence!


This weeks chapel was good, average, as usual. I liked the speaker, it was Mr. Mo, he did a chalk drawing presentation, and explained how what we do now is pointless without God.

But after that is when the real fun started, it all began with Mr. R asking Davey and I to unassemble the lone volley bally net in the middle of the basketball court so that we could properly play the game of bball after school. No problem, Davey and I are excellent demolition men. This job would be a sinch (No, I didn’t get that from that stupid show “Kim Possible” I said that long before she and her horrid show came along)!

Well the whole unassembling part went well, a few minor problems with the net taking down thingy stuff we did. But the real trouble came when we went to put it in the cr4zy bojangalin volley ball part holding thing. Some one had decided to do Davey and I a big favor by taking the volley poles off the bottom rungs of the holder. Normally this wouldn’t of been an issue, but considering some one had JAMMed the volley ball thing in the dark damp public ball closet of death. Ok it’s not that bad, but it was the dark damp public ball closet, and they had Jammed it in with a ghetto ball holding rack that was falling to 20 pieces, covered with some compilation of boxes containing who knows what kinds of public sports equipment. Long story short, Davey had to do an innovatory invasorary mission. Davey had to enter the closet, UNJAM the volley rack, grab the far end of the volley poll, and place it on its rack. All this without dieing of somthing. What he might of died of “I do not no” but it coulda been somthing bad!

Anyways, Davey got out clean, we got the job done. But all I’m saying is, please, whomever did it, DON’T. “Don’t what” you may ask? Don’t Jam things in that evil devious closet!


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