Fast Food Is Not So Fun

The Questions

  • Describe the study and assignment
    I Enjoyed the assignment, I found the study rather enlightening. We collected the nutritional facts for our average meals from several different restaurants. The meals had to be as close the same at each corresponding restaurant as possible. We then put the collected information into an organized spreadsheet, which compared the non-fat calories to the fat calories. Very informational information.
  • Select one of your meals and summarize the data in complete sentences
    The McDonald’s meal was actually one of the more healthy of the three restaurants we did. The total calories contained in the meal, comprised of a Big Mac, Large Coke, and a Large Fri total’d up to 1420 calories. The Big mac is a whopping 540 calories. The Large coke is 310 calories. And the Fris were all the way up at 570 calories.
  • Were you surprised at the information you collected? Why or Why Not?
    Not really. I knew that fast food was very bad for you, this only gave me precise figures. Though I do appreciate knowing this information accurately.
  • How will this information and study have an impact on your life?
    I will now know how bad the food is that I’m eating. Though like the average American, I will continue to eat it as if I had never heard the facts. I knew it was bad for me before, now I just know how bad it is for me. Still gonna eat it.

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