I just don’t have time to do that

This is a little info about the assignment we had to do, totaling up our weekly schedules!


  • Describe the study and assignment
    In this study, we, the class, recorded our weekly scheduales into an excel document. We did this inorder to get a handle on how much time we have, and what we use it for. Good stuff.
  • §  What are the top three activities that take up the most hours in your weekly schedule?
    The top of the three activites is obviously sleep. This was followed by driving, yes I drive A LOT. And after that came school. Obviously I don’t spend a lot of time doing things one would assume.
  • §  Were you surprised at the information you collected? Why or Why Not?
    I wasen’t really surprised. Work and Basketball are really physcially draining, therefore causing me to sleep, A lot. Or some would say. But the sleep is really good for me, it keeps me running good, I don’t sloth around, I just make sure to get appropriate amounts of sleep. Followed by that, I do a ton of driving. Drive to school, drive home, drive to bball, drive home, drive to friends houses, drive home, drive to store, drive home… Lota driving. And then I only goto school for 3-4 hours 5 days a week, but that’s enough to take up a large amount of my time.
  • §  How will this information and study have an impact on your life?
    Once again, probably not much. But I will try and scheduale in a little more free time. I am working/schooling/bballin myself to death. Then again, I really enjoy bball, so maybe not. 

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