Class discussion: Abortion for the Good of the planet!

Today, in bible class…

Today was a very interesting bible class, Mr. M had another of his “article of anger”, his “stupidity report”,his “brightening of the Enlightening”, his current event…

For a little background, Mr. M occasionally comes to class with an article from the web that has caught his attention for some particular reason. Weather it be a biblical truth, and outstanding example of human stupidity, or a perfect picture of why people do what they do based on their world view.

Anyways, he brought in his article. An article to the topic of “Women is proud to protect her planet with abortion”; I’m sure that wasen’t the exact title, but that was the gist of it. In the article, the women claims how much joy she got from aborting her baby, and getting herself sterilized to prevent further childern. She claimed that by her and her husband not reproducing, they were cutting down on their “Carbon Footprint”. She also stated “Having childern is selfish, to only further one’s own genes is selfish and inconsiderate”. She means that one should consider the reprocusions of the carbon footprints left by producing more childern, at least thats how it appears.

But when one goes on in the article, she states how wonderfull it is for her and her husband not having childern. How they go on hikes, walks on the beach, and their yearly vacation over-seas… Wait, isnt riding an airplane very fuel consuming? Well she covers this by saying that because she dosen’t have childern, it makes up for the carbon footprint they leave by riding the planes every year…

Seems a little selfish to me.

 But that ain’t all, think about it. Why do people save the planet? For future generations of course. Why else would one save the planet. But cutting off the next generation, isn’t she infact defeating the purpose of protecting the planet. Isn’t she infact, if truly protecting the planet, protecting it for her own selfish self, so that she can enjoy it, and no childern of hers can? Just an observation on a hypocritical note, from a Mr. M article…


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