Try Stumble Upon. It’s awesome surfing fun.

Got an itch for a page on tech? Need to paint a picasso, but have no idea where to start on photoshop? Want a good comic, but don’t feel like searching? Want a random clip? Stumble upon is for you!

I recently decided to try out this fire-fox plugin. I’m not a big fan of application plugin’s for firefox… but this one rox! What you do is download and install it, create a personalized acccount, and start stumbling the internet. You get to pick what kind of things your interested in, and how you would like them served. Then when you stumble, the program takes you to a random page, based on its popularity and your personal taste.

But wait, don’t like the page? That’s ok, there is a simple thumbs up, thumbs down rating system that allows you to rate the page, keeping it from coming to your computer randomly for a long time to come. Or you can rate it up, meaning you may see it more often, or other people with your same taste can have a taste of the page!

Overall it’s a great program, y’all should try it out!

 I was gonna write an indepth review, and what it does, but why? When there’s wiki at your fingertips!

3 Responses to “Try Stumble Upon. It’s awesome surfing fun.”

  1. vickyco Says:

    I like this site alot! It has hilaroius videos!You should check some of them out !

  2. Not John Chow Says:

    I have been writing about StumbleUpon and now I am wondering if I know anything about it. Please stop by and let me know your opinion.

  3. benanite Says:

    @ Not John Chow

    Is this some sort of pyrmid scheme to increse traffic on your site? I notice a ton of banners/ads on the site your name linked to. Yes stumbleupon can make a great marketing tool, but I was commenting more on the incresed browsing experience, rathern then on the traffic incresing web admin points.

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