And so begins Chapter 2

My outlook upon the current, second semester, are grim. I messed up my car last year (3 hours before the changing of years into 08). And I am going to be attending dual enrolement classes at a college nearby. That and in bible we have a long list of papers and readings and research to accomplish by the end of the month.

 All in all, this upcoming semester looks very busy. I’m already down troughden by the messing up of my car, and now there is a pile of work waiting as soon as we come back. I am really tired from the newyears party which I managed to make it to shortly after ruining my car. Thus, I am dreading the upcoming of basketball practice tonight. Normally we do not have Bball practice on wednesday, but since we have two games over the next two days, and no practice due to christmas break, we have to practice today.

 I think we will do a little better as a basket ball team this semester. We are starting to come to gether more as a team, but other then richard and I, the team is young and undeveloped. I’m sure we will have a few good games, a few bad ones, and a few hard ones… hopefully they are all fun!

The dual enrolement thing has got me kinda stressed. I’m excited to go and learn at a college level, but I always worry about not doing well. The classes will only be on tue and wed, so hopefully there won’t be to much work leaving me with some free time for living.

I may have to goto work a lot more often now, I will be needing either a new car that won’t gussel gas or gas money. Etiher way, I’m gonna be needing more cash and so my schedule will be packed even more :/ I really really am dreading this semester. Maybe things will look up in the next coming weeks.

Pray for me,


One Response to “And so begins Chapter 2”

  1. Mr. Quist Says:

    Bummer on the wheels man. Sorry to hear that. I dropped over $1,000.00 in mine for repairs just before Christmas. No sir, not fun at all.

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