Regulary stalked blogs! I mean viewed!

Hello to all!

I have a small selection of blogs that I regulary view in order to keep up with my classmates and their various activitys. Aswell as keeping up with school events through their views.

I mostly just view a few of my friends (davy, ryan, JT) but I also wander. I check up on all of my classmates regularly, so that if somthing interesting pops up, I get the scoop. I mostly check for interesting comments relateing to school or friends, and then comment, and note it down incase I want to mention it in my blog. And by no means is this a gossip blog, I just try to know all I can about what is going on.

I have listed out my peirs blogs on a page on my blog! So if any one else would like to take a browsing of the blogs feel free to do so! Enjoy!

       The blogs –

                                                (Personally Recommended)

·         David – His crazy life

·         Jt – A GB view

·         Ryan – Movie review from a friendly asian!

·         Niki – Fantasy in-depth


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