I gotta eat!

Hey all,

I have to follow the blog plan so here goes people-

Lately I have found myself really tired after stressfull advents, or sporting advents. Yeah it’s normal to be tired after such advents, but I find myself overly and extremely tired. This tiredness goes far beyond the normal scale of energy depletion and thus I have began looking into ways to improve my diet so that I don’t find myself so depleted.

Not only do I need the food for the energy, I like to eat. I love to eat, I eat almost non-stop. The problem is, I need to find a way to balence my diet. I’m a picky eater, and so balencing my diet may be hard for me. Who knows, we shall see…

 Not only will balencing my diet help me energy wise, it will help me in both the short and the long run. It will help prevent diseases when I’m older, and help my preformence with sports now. All these benefits have made me decide into looking into this diet balenceing plan.

I’ve looked up a few food guides on google, and also noticed an interesting article here on wordpress. The wordpress article is here: 10 things to eat! While a basic nutrients, and healthy diet guide are here: Healthy stuff! And a guide to athletic dieting goes here: Athletic Fooding!


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