Presidents for Hire – Mike Hucky

First off, I hope any one who is reading this is interested in the future of America. And if so, and you can vote, you should take a look at the current canidates and their views. I used these sites, to find out information about differnt canidates. I don’t plan on downtalking any canidates in this little post, y’all can find flaws without me pointing them out.

Canidate List

Mike Hucky’s Specifics

Political Party,

I myself have a conservitive outlook. This conservitive outlook convicts me towards the republican party. Like most people, I have my differences with the republican party and if an independent were to run with my exact views in mind, then I would vote for him.

As for this year… Republican appears to be the way to go!


I’m looking for several things in a canidate. Pro-life beleifs, a truthful relgious conviction, one who seeks to lower taxes, one who beleives in hetro marriage only, and one who looks to take care of immigration issues.

My pick,

So far, Mike Huckabee is the canidate for me. He has upheld an appearence of a man of character. He claims to be fully effected by his religious beleifs, which is truthfull. He is looking to remove ALL income taxes, which I think is a GOOD thing.  He looks to protect second admendment rights, good, I love having the right to defend myself against tyranny, small and great.

Overall, he matches up with my views on a lot of the issues. And out of the other canidates running, I beleive he is the best man to run the country over the next few years.

A direct link to his view on the issues – Huck’s Views

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