We won!

I was the assistant coach! And we took the JV to temple and won the first round of the torunement!

I’m quite happy we won. It looked bad at first, our players came out thinking Faith would be a push over, and about got pushed over because of it. But we came out the second half, full blown ready to kill! Put them down 20 points, and won the game. Good Job guys!

Coaching Time!

Well, our bball season has come to an end… But the JV have tourney this week!

I will be assistant coaching along side my father. Hopefully we will win!

Can’t wait, I’m excited to get to coach. All dressed up, and ready to go at 2:30 to temple. Adios!

I had a good birthday!

Who : Me

What: Birthday

When: February 23

Where: Red Palace (Chinese restaurant)

Why: Why not?

 I had a lot of fun. The whole outing conversed of me, my family, and my close friend Victoria… Oh and her mom and dad! The whole thing was fun. They planned it in the morning, while I was working at a fundraiser breakfast for the senior trip. It was then executed that afternoon. When put on some semi-formal clothing and went out to eat. Me, my bro, and Vv talked of humor, birthdays, and chinese recipes. While my parents and her parents talked of senior trip, the stock market, and beans! (at least that’s what I will say they were talking about)

I think I am going to stop talking now, because I have the feeling that I don’t really want to type any more. Maybe later, maybe not!

Brilliant Idea!

I have an idea for a program. I will be looking into how/if I can put it together.  It will definitely be windows only. Involving the right click on files, know how ya can right click and then select cut. I will be adding another option to the windows list. I know it is perfectly plausible, but I’m not sure which language to use.


I am most comfortable with C++. Though it would probably be easier to do this thing with VB (considering VB is designed for windows). I am also considering Java.

The program function should be fairly easy to program, considering that I have done it before with php/javascript. But I am wanting it to be integrated right into my daily selection of windows functions. Not requiring me to access an internet browser or webpage.


Just thought I’d let y’all know what I’m planning, case any of you are stalking me. This means I will prolly be inside this weekend, during the time I’m not out and about with Victoria.


If I ever finish the project (because I usually don’t) I’ll give ya a link the the program! But don’t count on it.

Play-off against Faith

Hey all,


We have a big, big game tonight. It’s a “playoff” game, meaning we HAVE to win. If we lose, our season is over. If we win, we go on to play dayspring (who is undefeated in our conference).


                I think it will be fun. Hard, but fun. I can’t wait till we play tonight. I think the coach has a good plan worked up for tonight. We WILL win, and then try our hand against dayspring!

Temple Crushed!

Ah we had a good game last night. We played well as a team, had some good fast breaks, and WON!

That marks win 17, meaning we tied our win record from last season, and beat our overall record. 2 years in a row with 17 wins, it could be better, but I’m happy that we were this good.

 On a sad note, our point guard, Evan Montely hurt/broke/hyperextended his toe, rendering him useless in our game last night. But he did do his part of scoring and ball handling before he hit the bench.

We won, hurray, now we have to play dayspring at home tonight. Will be hard and fun!

Sickness Tip

  • Stay away from sick people.
  • Wash your hands. 20 times a day.
  • Don’t talk to sick people.
  • Stay warm.
  • Don’t touch sick peoples belongings.
  • Drink lots of Orange Juice!.
  • Infact, Just plain don’t look at sick people. Don’t even think about them, that might get you sick!