Sickness Tip

  • Stay away from sick people.
  • Wash your hands. 20 times a day.
  • Don’t talk to sick people.
  • Stay warm.
  • Don’t touch sick peoples belongings.
  • Drink lots of Orange Juice!.
  • Infact, Just plain don’t look at sick people. Don’t even think about them, that might get you sick!

Busy Day

Ah today is a busy one.

I thought it would be semi-filled, but now I know it for sure. First off I woke up early and got here to school so that I could work on finishing my paper that’s due for english tomorrow. The thing is, my mom was sick. She’s a teacher here, and so that ment I was one of the first to know. Since she was really sick and tired feeling, I offered to take her home.

 Paper Plans

I took her home, but in consequence didn’t have ANY time to work on my paper. This means that after the make up quiz, and regular quiz we are having today in bible, I had to goto chapel, then to comp class. Good thing comp class wasen’t to bad.

Now I’m gonna head home, see if I can’t get any of that paper done. Then head back over to school, bringing the labby, and ride with my dad to the ball game I am playing tonight. While riding, I plan to get my paper finished… or at least presentable.

 Ball Game

Hopefully tonight we have a good game. I plan on relaxing and having some fun. It would be great to win this game. If we do, then we will have suceeded our record from last year of 17 wins and 11 losses. If we win, we will have 17 wins, and 6 losses. Not bad at all, second in our conference I beleive, next to the undefeated in our conference “Dayspring”, who is currently somewhere around 25 and 5.

Whelp, have fun, I’m off to my busy day -_-

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