Brilliant Idea!

I have an idea for a program. I will be looking into how/if I can put it together.  It will definitely be windows only. Involving the right click on files, know how ya can right click and then select cut. I will be adding another option to the windows list. I know it is perfectly plausible, but I’m not sure which language to use.


I am most comfortable with C++. Though it would probably be easier to do this thing with VB (considering VB is designed for windows). I am also considering Java.

The program function should be fairly easy to program, considering that I have done it before with php/javascript. But I am wanting it to be integrated right into my daily selection of windows functions. Not requiring me to access an internet browser or webpage.


Just thought I’d let y’all know what I’m planning, case any of you are stalking me. This means I will prolly be inside this weekend, during the time I’m not out and about with Victoria.


If I ever finish the project (because I usually don’t) I’ll give ya a link the the program! But don’t count on it.

2 Responses to “Brilliant Idea!”

  1. Mr. Quist Says:

    What option would you add?

  2. benanite Says:

    Nothing to complicated or unthought of. I spent most of the time I was going to work on the prodject just reading about differnt things I would have to do to windows to get it to work.
    The option would be a bypass to microsoft outlook. (I HATE microsoft outlook, dunno why, but I am almost sure it is of the devil.)

    As currently when rightclicking and sending to – mail person… It takes you into microsoft outlook. My addon would simply give you a text box wherein you would type the persons email. And then click send. Taking away annoying profiles, and load times on outlook.

    If I actully got into the prodject, I would add more features such as remembering users, email conformation, senders name, so on and so forth. But mostly it would be just to quicken emailing a file to my friends/family.

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