I had a good birthday!

Who : Me

What: Birthday

When: February 23

Where: Red Palace (Chinese restaurant)

Why: Why not?

 I had a lot of fun. The whole outing conversed of me, my family, and my close friend Victoria… Oh and her mom and dad! The whole thing was fun. They planned it in the morning, while I was working at a fundraiser breakfast for the senior trip. It was then executed that afternoon. When put on some semi-formal clothing and went out to eat. Me, my bro, and Vv talked of humor, birthdays, and chinese recipes. While my parents and her parents talked of senior trip, the stock market, and beans! (at least that’s what I will say they were talking about)

I think I am going to stop talking now, because I have the feeling that I don’t really want to type any more. Maybe later, maybe not!


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