The Home Stretch

Hey all!

These last nine weeks will most assuredly fly by. I am looking forward to playing baseball during these last nine weeks. I am a little worried about college though. Not the getting in part, as I’ve been accepted to 8 colleges already, but the choosing which one is right part.

I’ve heard people say when you find the college… You will just know. This is untrue. I’ve visited over 20 colleges now. Some no interest whatsoever. Others I think I might like one part, while lacking other things I am looking for. None of the colleges fit what I am looking for.

I dunno if I wanna be close to home or not, In a way, I would like to. In another, I would not. I also wanna play bball. I want a computer degree. I want a teaching degree. I also want it to be a smaller/private college. And I need to be able to afford it… All of these things together are almost non-existant :/

 As for highschool work, I hope I continue to cruise through it as usual.

Will hopefully be a blast this last 9 weeks!

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