I slept 13 hours last night…Day… Somthing

Spring break is starting tomorrow (friday). And many childern/kids/teens are getting geared up for a good long nap. Well, not I. I have other plans, that don’t include wasting valuable vacation time! Ok, maybe I don’t have any other plans for vacation yet, but I will; when I do I will be ready!

You see, I must spend every second in preperation for my 10 days out of school (4 weekend days, and tomorrow with next week gives me 10!). I must think of activitys to fill my schedule, and since I am not planning on traveling, I will have that much more time within I have the possibility of losing my mind.

Given all this free time, I will be edging the narrows of insanity with every passing minute. An unocupied mind is a dangerous thing, not only for others, but for my self. If my mind is left unocupied, I my become violent, or worse yet, like the others… A potato! Not just any potato, a couch potato, the worse kind.

I really enjoy TV, but only at given times. I am not the type to sit and spend HOUR UPON HOUR wasting my life watching TV. I am the type to spend hour upon hour reading tech articles, tutorials, and other helpful hints that will further my knowledge of the universe. But there are only so many articles, and this is vacation. So what am I to do, I need things to fill my time, leave me some clues, so that I will have some idea of what to do!

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