My gut hurts really bad. Dunno why. VV is also complaining of gut problems as I type this. She just hit me in the gut. Now it hurts worse. Need a tums… Or some food. Or both. Or maybe just a buncha food. Food is good, I think some food would ease my gut pain. But then again, it might make it worse.

Ahh the gut pain is going away. Hope Vv doesn’t hit me again. That would be horrible. She is looking over my shoulder and laughing with an eavl laugh. Now I worry. ouch…. she just nailed me in the side. Then goes “Bennnn” in an under-toning ladylike annoyed voice.

Now JT is complaining about fingernails on his desk. The class cheered and boo’d with Ewwws. Now he has moved to the desk to GERM-X his hands.

Urrrgh, I’m trying to type but Vv keeps pressing caps lock/ randomly splattering my keyboard with finger-nailed assaults. Dunno if I can type much longer. Waiting for class to end.

M.Q. just said we should interview Franklin county streets about what the first word to come to their head when they hear the word “Christian or Jesus Christ”. Then he was like, no lets not, that might intimidate them. Now David and him are talking about what kind of mic they could use to not intimidate people.

 Vv is on an unmentioned website. In class. When she shouldn’t be. Hope she doesn’t see this, or she may splatter the back of my hands with another relentless finger-nailed assault. To late, she saw it. THE CAPS HAVE BEEN PRESSED. I WILL NOT TURN THEM OFF. SHE HAS TO PRESS CAPS LOCK OR i WILL CONTINUE TO TYPE IN CAPS. SHE NEEDS TO TURN OFF THE CAPS. I KNOW SHES READ IT. SHE NEEDS TO PRESS CAPSLOCK SO I CAN STOP typing… ahhh thank you! NooooOOOOOOOOOO DON’T PRESS IT AGain! stopppp it’S HArd to CONcenTRATe WHEN you KEep preSSing CAps LocK!

i WILl NOw REmovE hER hand FRom THE keYboaRD. wish ME luCK IT wIll bE dangERouS, hER fiNgerNAilS Of DeaTH mAy End My Typing CaREAre. cAN’t EveN SpeLl riGHt WhEN SheS BlAAaaAq!!!!!!

Woot! I have succeeded with minimal casualties. My hand is still in one piece. But I am missing 2 fingernails, and some hair on the back left! JK, but would be funny if I wasn’t. NEVER-MIND she just ripped the hair off my arm. Ouch. She doesn’t think this is very funny. But I do!

Thanks for reading about the events as they happened in class today. I’m still waiting for the bell to ring. There will be a slight pause because things seem to have died down. Vv is reading some websites. And I need to spell check this thing! —Pause—


M.Q. just assited bridget by solving her problem. After reading thourgh this and spell checking what I thought needed checked I am now bugging Vv about the page she is on. And how their is info about me taht I would wish she didn’t reveal to her friends. I am a very mysterious person, and if Vv were to give them insight, then they might become overwhelmed in my awesome mysteriousness and then have cardiactic failure or even worse. Satan may come to attempt to buy their soul with visual tricks.

M.Q. is now proclaiming his happiness. Every one achevied a 100% upon the computer test. It was about html. Now Rafelcoper is asking what time the bell rings. I was being distracted by Vv, she was asking me a question about a mysterious comment I left upon one of the unmentioned sites she may happen to be browsing, or may not happen to be browsing.

 She is now deleteing the comment. And resuming her keyboardic war against me. The caps lock has managed to make it through this battle, but I do not know if it can last another….

 Tick tock tick tock. I just saw M.Q. take a big gulp of water. And Z-ton is making strange grunting noises while browsing the web on his computer. Now he is looking my direction and giving a thumbs us. After closer examination, he appears to be talking to Rafelcoper.

Hurray! sorry to cut you short on the Z-ton/rafelcoper intermingling, but M.Q. has just given the save command. Meaning class is coming to an end. Z-ton is now staring down at a weird direction towards Vv. I noticed outa the corner of my eye. Bye-bye, the bell has ringed, and I am pressing Publish~


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