Spring Break

Hey all, I’m back!

It was a long “restful” weak. Not really, it was short, and I stayed up to late to often. Doing pretty much nothing but sitting on the comp/watching TV with my brother. All in all it was an average spring break.

I’m not much of the T.V. Watcher, but I did enjoy a large portion of my week watching T.V. with my brother. I also wrote a paper for my eng 101 class at ferrum. I wrote it on how to properly enjoy prime time television. I think it will be an A because the paper was only required to be 3, I hit 5, and its quite humorous.

As for the computer. I played a few online multiplayer games with my brother. I am quite good at finding bugs that I can exploit, so I did this and my brother and I rose to the top of the ranks on the particular game I was playing. (not gonna mention it here cause I don’t wanna :D) We had a lot of fun.

 I didn’t spend much time of facebook/myspace/nextspacethatscomingandwillbetimewasting+confusingbecauseitisstupidyadayadayadayadayda.orgcomflashvlm

I’m not really into the whole thing. I find it boring and an overall waste of time. Not to mention a catalyst for self-centered ignorance and gluttony.

Good week. Still loathe school. Want to sleep. Want to go home. Will be home soon. My gut hurts.


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