Senior Banquet

Hurray! Senior Banquet is tomorrow!

I will hopefully be going with VV, as that is the current plan. We will be leaving for Roanoke today, to pickup some need accessories for SB outfits. VV and I are sure to have lots of fun.

Neither of us will be reading senior wills. I just don’t think it’s appealing to either of us. but I am looking forward to the food at SB. Last year is was great, and I can’t wait for the surprise dinner tomorrow.

As for the trip to Roanoke, VV and I will prolly listen to the radio and sing along. That is if I can get her to sing.  In between singing we will undoubtedly talk about SB, as VV likes to talk about such things. VV will probably attempt to convince me to attend prom… Again. I personally do not want to go, as I know how boring and stupid it is, but VV will not be convinced otherwise. Can’t wait for today’s outing though. We always have lots of fun shopping and driving around in Roanoke. (And I am overjoyed at the chance to once again ride the escalators.)

Final Paper

I am ranting upon my paper that is due tomorrow. I have been doing research, so I have in “essence” started. But I haven’t been able to access the library in which I need the actual “sources”. It’s 30 min away, and with my scheduale, I haven’t had a chance to go get any research. And for some reason I cannot access the online version.

I have not actually started writing the 7 page beast. So I will most undoubtably be working on it throughout the night. I am not sure which particular part I am going to be writing on within the subject. So I need to just get typing and see what comes to mind… Welp ,I’m bored of writing about this so… Peace out~

Ode to Spring

Oh, ode to spring!
This poem is for thee!

Where are tho being?
Not in summer.
Nor in winter.
Not even in fall.
What a bummer.
Spring falls not in the center.
For there be only four seasons in all.

Spring Spring Spring.
Some may say they need.
But as for I…
I need not spring.
Though I try, and try
I find no seeds
No need for spring.

Prehaps spring should be removed?
Existence extingushied because spring be rude?
Nay say I
I like my spring
For in the spring I fly my kite
And in the spring I can sing!
Ode to spring
Though there is no need.
My last line, includes a seed!


Kite Day

yay for kite day!

Kite Day means we get out early. It will be an interesting day, filled with kites flying around in the sky. The even starts at 2:00 pm and goes till school is out. I will be flying a kite composed of 1 long peice of string, and a ballon. I am hoping my kite goes the highest, but we shall see….

(still have to run to the store and get ballon+string… Wish me luck)

Must be the first

We are having typing tests in our class. The first to reach 100wpm will receive a steak dinner. I will be the first. I will be it….

Just thought I’d let you all know. And incase I am not the first. I am not liable for loss in steak dinner do to lack of trying because you know I will beat you. Thank you~

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Excited for Senior Trip

I can’t wait for the senior trip coming up this next week. It will be a blast. I think we are headed to Tennessee for the trip. Dollywood and the likes.

We had some complications with the planning. But after VV’s parents were put in command things were set straight 😀

Can’t wait, see y’all later~

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Mom learns G-mail

Hey all,

This was an interesting weekend. I didn’t do much, but while in queit confinment of my basement I decided to help my mom move from 10dollar a month juno, To ABSOLUTLY FREE G-mail. And while doing it, still recevive the mail from people that only know her juno account.

I got her an adress. Taught her how to sign in, how to compose mail using G-mails interface. Taught her how to add contacts. how to get mail from her old account. how to send mail as her old account. how to set up an auto reply. How to filter junk mail/bogus register mail like when she signs up for junk accounts in order to read a forum/blog post. And how to use the G-mail labeling system.

I think over the next few weeks I will attempt to write some tutorials for using G-mail properly. Not for sure, as it will take some time and I want to make them good. Being as there is already some great ones out there I may not need to. But ya never know when your own words can help make things better.

So check back~


Just wanted to leave a shout out to VV, my numba one bud!