Ode to Spring

Oh, ode to spring!
This poem is for thee!

Where are tho being?
Not in summer.
Nor in winter.
Not even in fall.
What a bummer.
Spring falls not in the center.
For there be only four seasons in all.

Spring Spring Spring.
Some may say they need.
But as for I…
I need not spring.
Though I try, and try
I find no seeds
No need for spring.

Prehaps spring should be removed?
Existence extingushied because spring be rude?
Nay say I
I like my spring
For in the spring I fly my kite
And in the spring I can sing!
Ode to spring
Though there is no need.
My last line, includes a seed!


Kite Day

yay for kite day!

Kite Day means we get out early. It will be an interesting day, filled with kites flying around in the sky. The even starts at 2:00 pm and goes till school is out. I will be flying a kite composed of 1 long peice of string, and a ballon. I am hoping my kite goes the highest, but we shall see….

(still have to run to the store and get ballon+string… Wish me luck)