Senior Banquet

Hurray! Senior Banquet is tomorrow!

I will hopefully be going with VV, as that is the current plan. We will be leaving for Roanoke today, to pickup some need accessories for SB outfits. VV and I are sure to have lots of fun.

Neither of us will be reading senior wills. I just don’t think it’s appealing to either of us. but I am looking forward to the food at SB. Last year is was great, and I can’t wait for the surprise dinner tomorrow.

As for the trip to Roanoke, VV and I will prolly listen to the radio and sing along. That is if I can get her to sing.  In between singing we will undoubtedly talk about SB, as VV likes to talk about such things. VV will probably attempt to convince me to attend prom… Again. I personally do not want to go, as I know how boring and stupid it is, but VV will not be convinced otherwise. Can’t wait for today’s outing though. We always have lots of fun shopping and driving around in Roanoke. (And I am overjoyed at the chance to once again ride the escalators.)