The end is near… For class

Five minutes left for class. The quiz went well, I finished with flying colors (inside pun). Some of the others had trouble interpreting the directions. Such as that they were supposed to go up two directories instead of one. But I think they figured it out.

Can’t wait to get outta here. Not that I don’t enjoy it occianally. But it’s the end of the week, and I want to go home! So, fairwell, Adios, see ya next week.

btw, Congratz Mr & Mrs Quist (tomorrow)

Friday Hurray!

It’s friday, and I’m glad. Sooo Ready for the weekend. Been a long week, starting with that taylor inerview. Planning on getting some good rest in this weekend, while working on that matrix paper… Maybe I will do some programming, who knows? Whelp, adios…