Waiting for bingo to start….

I am currently sitting in computer class, waiting for HTML BINGO to start. I got here a little late, but managed to set up my bingo board. I got here late because of pizza pickup. The normal workers set for picking up pizza are on a field trip, leaving me with the job. I managed to grab some bread sticks while attaining the pizza order, they were good. All in all, I’m tired, lotta sports lately. Baseball game tomorrow, 1 o clock. Should be fun, hope we win, doubtful, but hopeful at the same time.

Still waiting for bingo to start, will hopefully start soon. Seems people are having trouble setting up their board. VV set hers up perfectly, she is doing really well with html. Maybe I can convert her to a computer nerd, maybe not, we shall see…

my first plan is to introduce her to video games, get her hooked, then move her onto computer games, then online computer games, then the world BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH… Maybe not…

Tetris has been put back, I am working on a game using the byond enviroment. Good progress so far, got stuck on a file imput output issue today, hoping I can solve that when I get home. Anyways, bored of typing, I shall see ya’ll soon.

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