Cleaning of the desks

Looks as if school is almost over. The desks are being cleaned, exams being prepared for, and Vv is ever-incresing in keyboard distraction.  Luckily for us seniors that have kept up good grades, we will not be having final exams.

That’s right, seniors with an A average will be exempt from exams. We will have a whole week off, to do nothing but prepare for college and sleep. It is per clas though, so if your not doing well in one class, you will have to take the class or classes exam/s.

Well I can’t think straight right now, must be that end of the year fever. I think I will find somthing to look at on the internet, write my senior will, or work on that final paper we have due in bible. Have fun reading peoples blogs, this is hopefully my last post on this blog (though I may revive it later in life for an un-apparent reason).  Adios, amigos….

Welcome back Mr AND Mrs Quist

Welcome back and CONGRATULATIONS Mr. AND Mrs. Quist. I hope you enjoyed your wedding. And hope y’all have a good life together, serving God as he leads you.

While you were gone we were stuck here, typing, and writing html code. It wasn’t all  bad, we did enjoy the table assignment. People sitting there trying to figure out what cell spacing was for. But, finally you have returned, and we can get back to our regular pace!

I am Legend — Viewing

I watched I am legend last night. It wasen’t all that dissapointing as everyone said it would be. Prehaps it was because I was told that it would be dissapointing, so I came expecting disapointment yet found a good movie. I knew it wasen’t going to be scary, it wasn’t ment to be. I myself rather enjoyed the movie. It had a good amount of humor, an O.K. amount of action (could of had more), and a good twist. (I saw it coming but it was still well implemented). What people miss is the story, it is good character and story devolpment. The dream sqencues are placed at the right moments, and give a good pacing for the story. Overall, I really liked the movie, and if you enjoy good storys with some comedy and a little action, check it out.

Also, if you didn’t like the ending, check around on you tube for alternate endings… There is a good one…

Kite Day

yay for kite day!

Kite Day means we get out early. It will be an interesting day, filled with kites flying around in the sky. The even starts at 2:00 pm and goes till school is out. I will be flying a kite composed of 1 long peice of string, and a ballon. I am hoping my kite goes the highest, but we shall see….

(still have to run to the store and get ballon+string… Wish me luck)


Just wanted to leave a shout out to VV, my numba one bud!


We won!

I was the assistant coach! And we took the JV to temple and won the first round of the torunement!

I’m quite happy we won. It looked bad at first, our players came out thinking Faith would be a push over, and about got pushed over because of it. But we came out the second half, full blown ready to kill! Put them down 20 points, and won the game. Good Job guys!

Coaching Time!

Well, our bball season has come to an end… But the JV have tourney this week!

I will be assistant coaching along side my father. Hopefully we will win!

Can’t wait, I’m excited to get to coach. All dressed up, and ready to go at 2:30 to temple. Adios!

Temple Crushed!

Ah we had a good game last night. We played well as a team, had some good fast breaks, and WON!

That marks win 17, meaning we tied our win record from last season, and beat our overall record. 2 years in a row with 17 wins, it could be better, but I’m happy that we were this good.

 On a sad note, our point guard, Evan Montely hurt/broke/hyperextended his toe, rendering him useless in our game last night. But he did do his part of scoring and ball handling before he hit the bench.

We won, hurray, now we have to play dayspring at home tonight. Will be hard and fun!

Senior’s Night Basketball

Last night was senior night here at CHA. I was so excited to play, being a senior was gonna be fun. The problem was that I had been sick all weekend, and was still sick last night. I haden’t eaten properly because of being sick, so ontop of filling ill, I was weakened.

The game cominced and I knew I wasen’t at the top of my game. On the other hand, Richard Jamison was feeling the best he had in a long time. Richard had a wonderful game, scored a lot, and had a blast. The whole team played well, and I was really glad to see the team play well together, even with a lot of us weakened from sickness!

Good job Richard, ya had a great game!

Missionary Chapel

This week is missions week at our school. And this ment that we would be having Missions Chapel. A chapel in which we have missionarys come in and talk about what they are doing.

Missions Chapel this year was very very good. We had a family come in that were in the process of transitioning to a mission field outside of the country. They came in and told how they have had to leave behind the things/people they love and learn the culture of the place they were going.

The missionarys did a great job of presenting what and where they would be going. I feel greatly for them, and will be praying for them in the future. Remember to pray for the missionarys at your church and school. They are giving up a lot for the glory of God~