Temple Crushed!

Ah we had a good game last night. We played well as a team, had some good fast breaks, and WON!

That marks win 17, meaning we tied our win record from last season, and beat our overall record. 2 years in a row with 17 wins, it could be better, but I’m happy that we were this good.

 On a sad note, our point guard, Evan Montely hurt/broke/hyperextended his toe, rendering him useless in our game last night. But he did do his part of scoring and ball handling before he hit the bench.

We won, hurray, now we have to play dayspring at home tonight. Will be hard and fun!


Senior’s Night Basketball

Last night was senior night here at CHA. I was so excited to play, being a senior was gonna be fun. The problem was that I had been sick all weekend, and was still sick last night. I haden’t eaten properly because of being sick, so ontop of filling ill, I was weakened.

The game cominced and I knew I wasen’t at the top of my game. On the other hand, Richard Jamison was feeling the best he had in a long time. Richard had a wonderful game, scored a lot, and had a blast. The whole team played well, and I was really glad to see the team play well together, even with a lot of us weakened from sickness!

Good job Richard, ya had a great game!

Missionary Chapel

This week is missions week at our school. And this ment that we would be having Missions Chapel. A chapel in which we have missionarys come in and talk about what they are doing.

Missions Chapel this year was very very good. We had a family come in that were in the process of transitioning to a mission field outside of the country. They came in and told how they have had to leave behind the things/people they love and learn the culture of the place they were going.

The missionarys did a great job of presenting what and where they would be going. I feel greatly for them, and will be praying for them in the future. Remember to pray for the missionarys at your church and school. They are giving up a lot for the glory of God~

Regulary stalked blogs! I mean viewed!

Hello to all!

I have a small selection of blogs that I regulary view in order to keep up with my classmates and their various activitys. Aswell as keeping up with school events through their views.

I mostly just view a few of my friends (davy, ryan, JT) but I also wander. I check up on all of my classmates regularly, so that if somthing interesting pops up, I get the scoop. I mostly check for interesting comments relateing to school or friends, and then comment, and note it down incase I want to mention it in my blog. And by no means is this a gossip blog, I just try to know all I can about what is going on.

I have listed out my peirs blogs on a page on my blog! So if any one else would like to take a browsing of the blogs feel free to do so! Enjoy!

       The blogs – https://benanite.wordpress.com/piers-blogian

                                                (Personally Recommended)

·         David – His crazy life

·         Jt – A GB view

·         Ryan – Movie review from a friendly asian!

·         Niki – Fantasy in-depth

Good comp lesson

This week Mr.Quist has given us the job of making a spread sheet with charts. It has proved challenging for many, and just as educational for every one. Well done Mr. Quist!

Chapel Twist

Chapel was good.

Yeah, pretty much. Chapel was quite good today, our worship chapel turned from worship to testimony/witness chapel. What do I mean? I mean that we started off with a good worship chapel as one would assume a worship chapel would do. We prayed, we sang, we prayed again, and then it happened.

Mr. Miller came to the front, and asked if anyone would like to give a testimony. Good stuff, it started out as most usual 15 minutes of testimony do; a few peeps got up, and began speaking about themselves, and how they needed God’s help and our prayer. I’m all fine with that, just saying, that’s the way most testimony chapels begin.

Next it started to change a little, Amy got up and said how she was sorry for not being as good as a witness as she could have been, I’ve seen this before in other chapels from a variety of people, but this time it was different. She went on to say how she wished the school would try harder as a group to better serve God. This set off a spark and a half.

The testimony’s continued as usual, but there were a few interspersed mony’ies that said they think the school should try harder. Then BAM, a girl named Brianne got up, and said what many of us were thinking. Stop being fake, stop putting on a show, if you wanna change something, you have to do it yourself, stop telling other people to do it. It was a very emotion-full speech/testimony. I did rather enjoy it, as I had been pondering a way to say it, I guess she just said it with the right amount of girlyness in it so that people would accept rather then find offense.

After Brianne’s statements, chapel changed a lot, people discussed/testified as to how they too had witnessed the school not living up to what it could be. And the chapel went on with it’s acknowledgement of this. We ended the chapel with the WHOLE high-school circling the gym and holding hands for prayer, all in all, this was a wonderfull  chapel. I shall observe, and see if it has any affect outside of the safety of the gym.

All this being said, the general theme of the chapel was how we should change, but I also wanted to mention a particularly touching testimony from a little girl named “Dakota”, recently she has been through a lot. While there are plenty of people that get up and say this, and I sure they are. This little girl has been. Now normally I don’t pay much mind to testimony’s like these, but maybe it’s because I made friends with this little girl last year while teacher assisting one of her English classes, or maybe it’s just because it touched me personally. Either way, this little girl testified in-front of the entire high-school, barley able to speak through her tears, in such a touching way, that I’m sure God used her, and the holy spirit must have spoken to others, as much as it did me.

The lord can use horrible events such as death to work his wonders. And he was definitely working in this chapel.

New kid: Clinton

Hello, And welcome back to my random talking about life.

If you remember about from my previous records, I told of how we have a new kid here at school named Clinton. I would like to recomend any of the current or previous CHA students to give him a wave. Clinton is a pretty cool guy, he seems like a very nice guy, and is a lota fun to hang around. So far, and at first glance, he seems like a good canidate for faithful friend.

 Just say hi, he’s a pretty  cool guy. A lil shy, so you may have to talk to him a bit before he talks back. Anyways, class is over soon, and I am goin to take a nice long nap before our soccer game. Have a nice day, and remember, say Hello to clinton, the new guy at CHA!