Pajama Day!

Today is pajama day for all the girls. Why? because all the girls are in home ect..  Thus our class is almost completely empty. It is I, ryan, JT, zach, and niki. Niki is the only girl in our class that isn’t taking home ect.

I feel lonely. No one to sabatoge my typing to day… Oh wells, just thought I’d let y’all know!

Final Paper

I am ranting upon my paper that is due tomorrow. I have been doing research, so I have in “essence” started. But I haven’t been able to access the library in which I need the actual “sources”. It’s 30 min away, and with my scheduale, I haven’t had a chance to go get any research. And for some reason I cannot access the online version.

I have not actually started writing the 7 page beast. So I will most undoubtably be working on it throughout the night. I am not sure which particular part I am going to be writing on within the subject. So I need to just get typing and see what comes to mind… Welp ,I’m bored of writing about this so… Peace out~


My gut hurts really bad. Dunno why. VV is also complaining of gut problems as I type this. She just hit me in the gut. Now it hurts worse. Need a tums… Or some food. Or both. Or maybe just a buncha food. Food is good, I think some food would ease my gut pain. But then again, it might make it worse.

Ahh the gut pain is going away. Hope Vv doesn’t hit me again. That would be horrible. She is looking over my shoulder and laughing with an eavl laugh. Now I worry. ouch…. she just nailed me in the side. Then goes “Bennnn” in an under-toning ladylike annoyed voice.

Now JT is complaining about fingernails on his desk. The class cheered and boo’d with Ewwws. Now he has moved to the desk to GERM-X his hands.

Urrrgh, I’m trying to type but Vv keeps pressing caps lock/ randomly splattering my keyboard with finger-nailed assaults. Dunno if I can type much longer. Waiting for class to end.

M.Q. just said we should interview Franklin county streets about what the first word to come to their head when they hear the word “Christian or Jesus Christ”. Then he was like, no lets not, that might intimidate them. Now David and him are talking about what kind of mic they could use to not intimidate people.

 Vv is on an unmentioned website. In class. When she shouldn’t be. Hope she doesn’t see this, or she may splatter the back of my hands with another relentless finger-nailed assault. To late, she saw it. THE CAPS HAVE BEEN PRESSED. I WILL NOT TURN THEM OFF. SHE HAS TO PRESS CAPS LOCK OR i WILL CONTINUE TO TYPE IN CAPS. SHE NEEDS TO TURN OFF THE CAPS. I KNOW SHES READ IT. SHE NEEDS TO PRESS CAPSLOCK SO I CAN STOP typing… ahhh thank you! NooooOOOOOOOOOO DON’T PRESS IT AGain! stopppp it’S HArd to CONcenTRATe WHEN you KEep preSSing CAps LocK!

i WILl NOw REmovE hER hand FRom THE keYboaRD. wish ME luCK IT wIll bE dangERouS, hER fiNgerNAilS Of DeaTH mAy End My Typing CaREAre. cAN’t EveN SpeLl riGHt WhEN SheS BlAAaaAq!!!!!!

Woot! I have succeeded with minimal casualties. My hand is still in one piece. But I am missing 2 fingernails, and some hair on the back left! JK, but would be funny if I wasn’t. NEVER-MIND she just ripped the hair off my arm. Ouch. She doesn’t think this is very funny. But I do!

Thanks for reading about the events as they happened in class today. I’m still waiting for the bell to ring. There will be a slight pause because things seem to have died down. Vv is reading some websites. And I need to spell check this thing! —Pause—


M.Q. just assited bridget by solving her problem. After reading thourgh this and spell checking what I thought needed checked I am now bugging Vv about the page she is on. And how their is info about me taht I would wish she didn’t reveal to her friends. I am a very mysterious person, and if Vv were to give them insight, then they might become overwhelmed in my awesome mysteriousness and then have cardiactic failure or even worse. Satan may come to attempt to buy their soul with visual tricks.

M.Q. is now proclaiming his happiness. Every one achevied a 100% upon the computer test. It was about html. Now Rafelcoper is asking what time the bell rings. I was being distracted by Vv, she was asking me a question about a mysterious comment I left upon one of the unmentioned sites she may happen to be browsing, or may not happen to be browsing.

 She is now deleteing the comment. And resuming her keyboardic war against me. The caps lock has managed to make it through this battle, but I do not know if it can last another….

 Tick tock tick tock. I just saw M.Q. take a big gulp of water. And Z-ton is making strange grunting noises while browsing the web on his computer. Now he is looking my direction and giving a thumbs us. After closer examination, he appears to be talking to Rafelcoper.

Hurray! sorry to cut you short on the Z-ton/rafelcoper intermingling, but M.Q. has just given the save command. Meaning class is coming to an end. Z-ton is now staring down at a weird direction towards Vv. I noticed outa the corner of my eye. Bye-bye, the bell has ringed, and I am pressing Publish~

Sooo tired

The weekend is supposed to be refreshing, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO tired!

I dunno why I’m tired. Prolly cause I was out a little to late after church fellowshiping with friend. But on the other hand, prolly not! Oh well, I will take a nap after class today.

A sick weekend~

hey all…

I just thought I’d let y’all know I had a horrible weekend. I was sooo sick, down for the whole weekend, and still have a horrible cough today. If it wasen’t for the superbowl, the weekend would have been a complete waste.

I have a 3 page roughdraft due today. And I didn’t get to work on it at all over the weekend. So I stayed up late after the game last night and finished that.

As far as the superbowl, I was glad… Very glad! The brothers have set yet another record, and ruined Brady’s “undefeated” run! The breakaway from the scramble combined with the pass made for an awesome superbowl ending. So exciting that I managed to work up a YAY through my coughing!

Spring Soccer

 My thoughts on spring soccer. Simple enough, I really don’t know if I’m going to play. I enjoyed the fall season, but there are some issues with the whole spring season time frame that disagree with my own frame of mind, I mean time.

First off, whos playing? Well I could have went around asking every one in school who was playing or even just every one in class. Instead, I checked out their blogs for their view on the upcoming semester. Acorrding to davys blog, it would appear that he’s planning to play. Jt on the other hand is taking the alternate route to which is “Not playing”. It would seem that from the combonation of ryan’s and Jt’s blogs, that ryan would be playing, as he is “giving flak” to Jt about not playing.

 As for me… I don’t plan on playing. I have other things I want to do with my time. And since my little bro was the inspiration for me to play (I like playing on sports teams with him), and he is leaning heavily towards not playing, I have no alternitive motivation to play. That is, if you count out david nagging me 😦 All in all, soccer is ok, but basketball is the best.

Jt –

ryan –                   David-


I am very tired… Why?

Here’s why… School is boring, basketball practice is tiring, and I didn’t get a rest last night cause I helped the church carry shoe boxes, lots and lots of them. I am extremely tired, and school is not helping. I had a verse test today, so I spent some of english class studying and no rest in bible class, because I was writing it out.

I’m tired, I’m bored, I want to go home and sleep 😦 Just a little longer…

Rain rain, go away

Bleh, it’s raining bad…

And thus, soccer practice will be moved indoors for the day; and moved back to 5:30,to avoid interfering with the ladys volley ball practice… No problem, sept I have my little sisters to watch for the week. Either I have to find some one to watch them, or make them stick around all night watching our soccer practice.

If that was the only problem, I had plans with my sisters to watch a movie after practice today. It’s a pg-13 movie, it’s not bad at all, and thus it dosen’t play any later then 6:30, meaning even if I did manage to get out of practice by 6:30, I woulden’t have had a shower, and would have to sit miserable in the movie theatre all stinnky 😦

 Bad day, practice may have to wait today.


Riddles are stupid, expecially done for a contest!


Ahhh, sweet relaxation…

I have finnally completed my test, it was a grusome task, but it is fin.

It all started out with a grusome word document that we had to copy. Fine, I can do that… But the fonts and table styles were a pain, they refused to yeild, took me forever to get the thing the way it was supposed to look, because of the “font yeild failure”. All in all, I completed the word document, now onto the next part.

The next part was the excel document, it required us to do a few things we haden’t learned in the book, but they were easily figured out. The excel document was probably the more fun part of the test, other then the current part I am working on right now, bloggin.

The last part was to complete two posts for this week, while my first post consisted of me telling every one I was working on the test, I did fail to mention how much I loathed it at the curret time of writing. But now, the test is over, and I have that sactisfactory feeling one gets when completeing something that they didn’t want to do, but was required.

 Good day so far, enjoying the atmosphere, the doctors appointment, and the finishing of a test. Ben says this is a good day thus far, so, if your not having such a great day, then…. Cheer up, or something!

Fare well for now my followers/readers/peeps/stalkers/ect,