Brilliant Idea!

I have an idea for a program. I will be looking into how/if I can put it together.  It will definitely be windows only. Involving the right click on files, know how ya can right click and then select cut. I will be adding another option to the windows list. I know it is perfectly plausible, but I’m not sure which language to use.


I am most comfortable with C++. Though it would probably be easier to do this thing with VB (considering VB is designed for windows). I am also considering Java.

The program function should be fairly easy to program, considering that I have done it before with php/javascript. But I am wanting it to be integrated right into my daily selection of windows functions. Not requiring me to access an internet browser or webpage.


Just thought I’d let y’all know what I’m planning, case any of you are stalking me. This means I will prolly be inside this weekend, during the time I’m not out and about with Victoria.


If I ever finish the project (because I usually don’t) I’ll give ya a link the the program! But don’t count on it.

Sickness Tip

  • Stay away from sick people.
  • Wash your hands. 20 times a day.
  • Don’t talk to sick people.
  • Stay warm.
  • Don’t touch sick peoples belongings.
  • Drink lots of Orange Juice!.
  • Infact, Just plain don’t look at sick people. Don’t even think about them, that might get you sick!

London Bridge should have been made of tooth picks!

Today at our school we had a contest for the geometry class. They have been working on putting together wooden bridges made of tooth picks. The goal was to make a bridge, completey out of un-cut toothpicks and glue, that could support a large amount of weight.

I beleive that gap they had to cover was 11-inches. And each bridge had to have a hole in the middle to allow for the weight platform to hang from. The bridges then would have to hold every increment of weight for atleast 5 seconds, before more weight was added (The increment being 5 pounds).

 While the overall of the contest was entertaining because of the busting of bridges, meaning toothpicks going everywhere, the most entertaining was the first bridge tried. It was a marvelous peice put together by Sarah Thompson that was not only artistic, but also stable.

The bridge was able to hold well over 200 pounds, and show’d no signs of breakage. In this yearly contest, all the bridges are to be tried until breakage, but Sarah was alloud to keep her bridge in one peice because of the weight platform being unable to fit any more weight.

I really enjoyed watching this competition, and recomend watching it to students of the future~

Modding my Phone – Verison KRZR K1m

I have just received my “Verizon Krzr K1m”. After reciving it I was very excited. I had a flash/usb cable and had been looking foward to adding songs, ringtones, and other media to my phone. This was gonna give me a chance to do what I had looked foward to in a new phone.

You see, I haden’t done any file transfer stuff before. I had some old, cruddy phone that had no bluetooth, nor usb port. I don’t even remember what type it was, just know, it was bad. Horrible camera, no music at all, no video, no features other then the basic call, voicemail, and other neccesitys.

 Anyways, the KRZR is cool, decent camera, extended video with some good zoom (sorry I don’t have the specific specs), and an mp3 player with EXTERNAL LED touch buttons, so you can close teh lid, and control the the flow from outside the phone. Some minimal bluetooth features.

Now I had my krzr, and I wanted to put some music on it, hurray, its easy take a flash cable, plug i in, and use WMP(windows media player) 10 to auto sync some music to my phone. I did it, hurry, space for 2 songs on my phone(I need to get a Mem card).

Ok, got that, enjoyed it for 5 hours, then I wanted more. I wanted ringtones, but WPM woulden’t allow me to put ring tones on. I didnt’ want to pay for an internet plan, and then pay for ringtones, that’s INSANE. So I started my internet search.

I came across several great sites (leave a comment, and I will go home and get the bookmarks) for modding the verizon krzr K1m. I got to it, and found a prog that allows me to access my phones filesystem through the USB port. COOLIEO, did it.

My phone is now loaded up with about 25 custom, FREE ringtones, I also got some batman logos to go for the background and front screen. I soon plan to overrite the version start screen with some neat batman animation, and also the open front screen verizon logo with some other batman logo thingy. It will be sweet!

I was also searching, and found that I could get free java games on my phone. But this would take some more advanced editing, which would void my warrenty, and potentially render the phone unusable if I failed. In order to get the free java games I would have to overwrite the verizon programming on the phone with an alltell programming. Meaning the phone would behave as if I bought it straight from altell, I would then go in and change a few files on the phone, making it connect to the Verizon service. By doing this, I would be alloud to run java, instead of the verizon installed “brood” software.

In the end, I didn’t do this. I have now added a 2 gig memory card to my phone, and will begin adding songs soon. I have a ton (around 30) custom ringtones on my phone right now. And as soon as I move the pictures & video & music to my memory card, I will be able to put about 70 more ring tones onto my phone! For somereason, the phone will not let me store ringtones on a memory card, and play them from there. Most likely a fault of either the Krzr, or of the verizon software. I’m guessing its the verizon software…

If y’all have a cable, and want to look into modding you own motorola phone, then check out these links!

Howard Forums – Modding your moto: Krzr k1m

USB drivers for you Krzr K1m

 Following the links on these sites, and reading around the forums in which they are posted can give you insight on some more tips & tricks of phone modding~

A wise little message

You really don’t understand just how lazy I am?


Try Stumble Upon. It’s awesome surfing fun.

Got an itch for a page on tech? Need to paint a picasso, but have no idea where to start on photoshop? Want a good comic, but don’t feel like searching? Want a random clip? Stumble upon is for you!

I recently decided to try out this fire-fox plugin. I’m not a big fan of application plugin’s for firefox… but this one rox! What you do is download and install it, create a personalized acccount, and start stumbling the internet. You get to pick what kind of things your interested in, and how you would like them served. Then when you stumble, the program takes you to a random page, based on its popularity and your personal taste.

But wait, don’t like the page? That’s ok, there is a simple thumbs up, thumbs down rating system that allows you to rate the page, keeping it from coming to your computer randomly for a long time to come. Or you can rate it up, meaning you may see it more often, or other people with your same taste can have a taste of the page!

Overall it’s a great program, y’all should try it out!

 I was gonna write an indepth review, and what it does, but why? When there’s wiki at your fingertips!

Mr. M quote on big words!

Don’t sigh at big words, learn them!

-Mr. Miller

Rebuttal- What do you think?

Rebuttal – Intellectually contemplate and ruminate on this ~

Sean Connery - highlander

“Do you feel that boy? It’s the quickening.” -Sean


Do not think about going home all day; this only makes the day last longer!

Done with the day.


“Ben, I’m finsihed with today. And if tomorrow wasen’t coming so fast, I would get ready to be finished with it too.”

He said this as we were steping out of the car, about to enter school. Maybe it dosen’t mean a thing to you, but it truly made me laugh. He has such a silly way of stating things!