If I could change one thing about Thanksgiving

If I could change one thing about thanksgiving with my family… It would be the dinning quarters. We have a rather large family, and when gathering with grandparents and cousins and other such stuff, we tend to eat in our house, or our grandparents house. It was great back in Indiana, in our large almost mansion house, with the long dinning room. But here in Virginia, we are in a small town house, so we, my immediate family were the only one present this year, gathered around a small little table, loaded with food, elbows bumping and tried to dine. We eventually succeeded, but it was quite a task!

I really enjoyed this year’s thanksgiving. And I really needn’t any changes. I missed my family and friends back in Indiana; yet, it was really nice to have a peaceful, non-stressed, thanksgiving! Can’t wait till next year, more turkey, more pudding, more cheese cake… Hurray…

Remember to be thankful for what you have, and you shouldn’t need any more.

Rain rain, go away

Bleh, it’s raining bad…

And thus, soccer practice will be moved indoors for the day; and moved back to 5:30,to avoid interfering with the ladys volley ball practice… No problem, sept I have my little sisters to watch for the week. Either I have to find some one to watch them, or make them stick around all night watching our soccer practice.

If that was the only problem, I had plans with my sisters to watch a movie after practice today. It’s a pg-13 movie, it’s not bad at all, and thus it dosen’t play any later then 6:30, meaning even if I did manage to get out of practice by 6:30, I woulden’t have had a shower, and would have to sit miserable in the movie theatre all stinnky 😦

 Bad day, practice may have to wait today.