Tetris clone.

I intend to create a tetris clone. It will be a one week prodject, as I have not finished my previously stated prodjects, this one will probably fail to be completed also. But I do intend to learn while making the game. I haven’t made a game from scratch in three years, normally I use a game making program to save me some time. But this time, I’ll be using C++ and prehaps a cross platform library to make a tetris clone… Why? cause I want to.

If I actully find time, and get this completed, I will be making a blastoff blaster wall, whatever the game wheer you have a paddle and try and break the bricks in the sky with a ping pong ball.

Whelp, off to stare at others screens~


Nationals — My Last Highschool Basketball Experience

Hey all,

this week we will be practicing for “Nationals”. A tournament were going to have up in Tennessee. It’s the official “NACA” tournament and I can’t wait to play. This week we will be keeping in shape, and sharpening up on our plays.

Our regular season, my last high-school bball season, ended well. 18-7, a great record, though we didn’t make it to states. I really wish we coulda, Richard lee and I did end the season with the 4th and 3rd highest stats in the conference, which made me happy.

Next week we will be leaving on Tuesday and heading down to play, wish us luck, pray for our safety, and cheer us on!