Mom learns G-mail

Hey all,

This was an interesting weekend. I didn’t do much, but while in queit confinment of my basement I decided to help my mom move from 10dollar a month juno, To ABSOLUTLY FREE G-mail. And while doing it, still recevive the mail from people that only know her juno account.

I got her an adress. Taught her how to sign in, how to compose mail using G-mails interface. Taught her how to add contacts. how to get mail from her old account. how to send mail as her old account. how to set up an auto reply. How to filter junk mail/bogus register mail like when she signs up for junk accounts in order to read a forum/blog post. And how to use the G-mail labeling system.

I think over the next few weeks I will attempt to write some tutorials for using G-mail properly. Not for sure, as it will take some time and I want to make them good. Being as there is already some great ones out there I may not need to. But ya never know when your own words can help make things better.

So check back~