Excited for Senior Trip

I can’t wait for the senior trip coming up this next week. It will be a blast. I think we are headed to Tennessee for the trip. Dollywood and the likes.

We had some complications with the planning. But after VV’s parents were put in command things were set straight ūüėÄ

Can’t wait, see y’all later~

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Regulary stalked blogs! I mean viewed!

Hello to all!

I have a small selection of blogs that I regulary view in order to keep up with my classmates and their various activitys. Aswell as keeping up with school events through their views.

I mostly just view a few of my friends (davy, ryan, JT) but I also wander. I check up on all of my classmates regularly, so that if somthing interesting pops up, I get the scoop. I mostly check for interesting comments relateing to school or friends, and then comment, and note it down incase I want to mention it in my blog. And by no means is this a gossip blog, I just try to know all I can about what is going on.

I have listed out my peirs blogs on a page on my blog! So if any one else would like to take a browsing of the blogs feel free to do so! Enjoy!

       The blogs Рhttps://benanite.wordpress.com/piers-blogian

                                                (Personally Recommended)

·         David РHis crazy life

·         Jt РA GB view

·         Ryan РMovie review from a friendly asian!

·         Niki РFantasy in-depth

Pumped for presentation

Hey all,

¬†We have a presentation coming up this next Tuesday. It will be based on a project we’ve been working on involving our weekly schedules. In the project we recorded our weekly schedules down to the half hour. And then learned how to use excel by manipulating the data. We will be finishing off the project with a presentation we create ourselves using the data and charts we acquired in our project!

I’m pumped!

Volley Ball Vengence!


This weeks chapel was good, average, as usual. I liked the speaker, it was Mr. Mo, he did a chalk drawing presentation, and explained how what we do now is pointless without God.

But after that is when the real fun started, it all began with Mr. R asking Davey¬†and I to unassemble the lone volley bally net in the middle of the basketball court so that we could properly play the game of bball after school. No problem, Davey and I are excellent demolition men. This job would be a sinch (No, I didn’t get that from that stupid show “Kim Possible” I said that long before she and her horrid show came along)!

Well the whole unassembling part went well, a few minor problems with the net taking down thingy stuff we did. But the real trouble came when we went to put it in the cr4zy bojangalin volley ball part holding thing. Some one had decided to do Davey and I a big favor by taking the volley poles off the bottom rungs of the holder. Normally this wouldn’t of been an issue, but considering some one had JAMMed the volley ball thing in the dark damp public ball closet of death. Ok it’s not that bad, but it was the dark damp public ball closet, and they had Jammed it in with a ghetto ball holding rack that was falling to 20 pieces, covered with some compilation of boxes containing who knows what kinds of public sports equipment. Long story short, Davey had to do an innovatory invasorary mission. Davey had to enter the closet, UNJAM the volley rack, grab the far end of the volley poll, and place it on its rack. All this without dieing of somthing. What he might of died of “I do not no” but it coulda been somthing bad!

Anyways, Davey got out clean, we got the job done. But all I’m saying is, please, whomever did it, DON’T. “Don’t what” you may ask? Don’t Jam things in that evil devious closet!

Conference, with a comment from Sean

I will be attending an apologetics confernece this weekend, I am looking foward to it! We will be leaving today, at 12, which is O.K. because school is only a half day today. Hurray!

Farewell, and live long and prosper!

“There can be only one!” – Sean

Worldview Conference

Yester day we had a world view conference here at CHA. It was good, though I thought it more of a dumbed down bible 12 “Understanding the Times” cram session then a self-benificial activity for myself. What I mean by this is, the 12th grade class has already had all of this information. Our whole class is based on it. Over all it was a great conference, lots of insightfull information, but the info was targeted more at the lower grades rather then at the 12th grade level that I am currently on.

¬†As for the questions…

o   Define the term worldview:

A way in which one views or intereperates all of reality.

o   What is so important about people’s worldview?

It defines who a person is, their identiy.

o   Did you ever realize the worldviews that were being presented to you other than a Biblical worldview?


o   In the last month, identify one or more worldviews, other than a Biblical Worldview) that have been presented to you without your awareness and describe how they were presented to you.

 Buddaism, and the whole cosmic movement was displayed in a yellow book comercial I viewed recently. The commercial shows a man meditating over a yellow book, much in like the way one involved in the cosmic movement would, and he then says all of the answers are in the book.

o   Describe something you learned about a Biblical worldview that you didn’t know before.

¬†As stated before, this was more of a dumbed down cram session to me, I found myself personally bored. Though I’m sure, insightfull to some, I really didn’t learn anything new.

EDIT: On another note, my teacher just commented on the lyrics of some songs. I have previously thought over the songs lyrics that were presented in the presentation. I don’t think I learned from the side they were tryign to present, of how the songs were not from a christian point of veiw, I already understood this, but I guess one could say they “learned this”.

o   How has the presentation of worldviews changed your perspective or thoughts on your life as a believer/non-believer?

The presentation itself was mundane review to me, but the idea and knowledge of worldviews in general have been very benifactual to my methods of witnessing.

Chapel Twist

Chapel was good.

Yeah, pretty much. Chapel was quite good today, our worship chapel turned from worship to testimony/witness chapel. What do I mean? I mean that we started off with a good worship chapel as one would assume a worship chapel would do. We prayed, we sang, we prayed again, and then it happened.

Mr. Miller came to the front, and asked if anyone would like to give a testimony. Good stuff, it started out as most usual 15 minutes of testimony do; a few peeps got up, and began speaking about themselves, and how they needed God’s help and our prayer. I’m all fine with that, just saying, that’s the way most testimony chapels begin.

Next it started to change a little, Amy got up and said how she was sorry for not being as good as a witness as she could have been, I’ve seen this before in other chapels from a variety of people, but this time it was different. She went on to say how she wished the school would try harder as a group to better serve God. This set off a spark and a half.

The testimony’s continued as usual, but there were a few interspersed mony’ies that said they think the school should try harder. Then BAM, a girl named Brianne got up, and said what many of us were thinking. Stop being fake, stop putting on a show, if you wanna change something, you have to do it yourself, stop telling other people to do it. It was a very emotion-full speech/testimony. I did rather enjoy it, as I had been pondering a way to say it, I guess she just said it with the right amount of girlyness in it so that people would accept rather then find offense.

After Brianne’s statements, chapel changed a lot, people discussed/testified as to how they too had witnessed the school not living up to what it could be. And the chapel went on with it’s acknowledgement of this. We ended the chapel with the WHOLE high-school circling the gym and holding hands for prayer, all in all, this was a wonderfull¬† chapel. I shall observe, and see if it has any affect outside of the safety of the gym.

All this being said, the general theme of the chapel was how we should change, but I also wanted to mention a particularly touching testimony from a little girl named “Dakota”, recently she has been through a lot. While there are plenty of people that get up and say this, and I sure they are. This little girl has been. Now normally I don’t pay much mind to testimony’s like these, but maybe it’s because I made friends with this little girl last year while teacher assisting one of her English classes, or maybe it’s just because it touched me personally. Either way, this little girl testified in-front of the entire high-school, barley able to speak through her tears, in such a touching way, that I’m sure God used her, and the holy spirit must have spoken to others, as much as it did me.

The lord can use horrible events such as death to work his wonders. And he was definitely working in this chapel.


Do not think about going home all day; this only makes the day last longer!


Yes, the irish noodle… Just kidding, I don’t know where its orgins lie; for all I know, it is from italy. Anyways, we are having a big heaping of the noodles today, the home ect class is doing a fund rasier for the school, by selling spagehtti for hot lunch. It’s a good plan, as most of the students in my classes were out today, we did pretty much nothing. Good deal indeed.

Can’t wait to see how the noodles taste, may be good, may be bad. In the end, it dosen’t matter, I got my lack of mental work payment ma-gig thingymabob stuff, yeah, huh, what?
Good lazy day of doing nothing in any classes! (Sept computer, which I’m doing now)